Thursday, January 22, 2009

update 2009 #1

(1) new candidates
- in the Czech republic: Svoboda, Sojdrova, Brezina, Linek, Filipiova, Svoboda P., Bendl, Kocab
(2) new polls
- in the Czech republic: Predseda KDU-CSL
- in Israel: Political situation in Israel

(1) new functionality
- index page of ElectionsMeter now contains menu to access listing of all Arguments and all Opinions also a listing of all Polls and submenu for Politicians, Political parties, Elections and Events
- a page was developed to make available our site official logos, banners and buttons. We invite you to grab those logos with the HTML code. Feel free to publish our logo and link our site widely.
- when an Argument is displayed then in right upper corner get appears a button to the related national site (if such exists), national sites are 1st Politician, 1Politiker etc.
(2) improvements
- index page, TOP TEN box was a little bit simplified (number of votes is not displayed now)
- index page, box of politicians was prolonged

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