Saturday, March 28, 2009

update 2009 #7

Data :
(1) new pols
- Egypt : Party Hizb al Tagammu, New Wafd Party, NDP (Egypt)
- global : Ban Ki-moon, Euthanasia, OPEC, BRIC, ASEAN, The United Nations, International Monetary Fund, G20 major economies

System :
(1) new functionality
- in every poll is displayed histogram of election results from last 90 days, graph is showing development of votes for/against the politician
- domain was acquired and redirected to
- domain (the term in singular number) was acquired for "strategic reasons", currently the domain offers overal view of all politicians and politics polls in the World
- hosting services were split between Hostmonster and Justhost
- Spanish and Chinese portal were kicked off
- at the 1st-politician portals (,,,,, a buble appears with portrait and short description of the politician when a user moves mouse over the name
- the 1st-politician portals now counts and display politicians League (like in fotball the first League contains popular players and second League simply is occupied by a bit less popular and important players, data are based on voting results)

(2) improvements
- javasript routine to add/edit arguments now supports user preselected languages
- a routine controlling adding opinions in the poll was recoded
- search routine was added to 404page
- search routine was improved to let user search in predefined language version, whole ElectionsMeter or whole Google
- design of the 1st-politician portals was unified
- Robots.txt was updated and Sitemap was optimised

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