Thursday, April 16, 2009

update 2009 #9

Data :
(1) new pols
Corneliu Vadim Tudor,Alegeri prezidenţiale în România,Principesa Margareta a României,Radu Duda,Crin Antonescu,Béla Markó,Mircea Geoană,Theodor Stolojan,Emil Boc,Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu,Traian Băsescu,UDMR / RMDSz,PNŢ-CD,Partidul Naţional Liberal,Partidul Conservator,Partidul Social Democrat,Partidul Democrat-Liberal,Jan Fischer,Centre démocrate humaniste,Socialistische Partij Anders,Parti Socialiste (Belgium),Vlaams Belang,Mouvement réformateur,Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie,Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams,Beatrix der Nederlanden,André Rouvoet,Wolfgang Schäuble,Ursula von der Leyen,Paul van Buitenen,Mark Rutte,Wouter Bos,Jan Peter Balkenende,Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Dem,Socialistische Partij,Partij van de Arbeid,Christen Democratisch Appèl,Han Seung-soo,Lee Myung-bak,Jayu Seonjin-dang,Minju-dang,Arnold Schwarzenegger,Hannara-dang

System :
(1) new functionality
- RSS, we reviewed and significantly exteded RSS functionality of the site, now the ElectionsMeter headlines can be easily delivered to your RSS readers, you can choose among regions of your interest, daily updates of significant moves and weeekly surveys of newly added polls
- new users with first votes get a window informing them about further functionality of the site
- icons, (widgets) now can display an arrow signal of a poll direction change
- warning messages and user dialogs were put to more userfriedly style

(2) improvements
- we spent our effort in last days on the code validation, the site is now HTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 valid! the site is however still under development so we will process this effort soon againg
- the code was also reviewed the way to care for the site be always properly displayed and well functioning in Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, IE8), Firefox 3.0 and Opera 9.6
- graphs, histograms of poll results were recoded to more properly display the results
- icons, (widgets) were extended by javascript solution
- we improved the site defence against some rude robots
- some improvements were done in METADATAs

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