Monday, May 18, 2009

update 2009 #11

Data :
(1) new pols
Přijetí měny EURO v České republice, Gerald Häfner, Treaty of Lisbon, Lisabonská smlouva, Junge Liberale Österreich, Alev Korun

System :(1) new functionality
- simple sitemap, all polls and best bookmarks
- simple links survey, index of extenal links
- features of system mananagement and maintenance were extended
- links service by Addtoany was implemented to footer of every page (available to registered uses)
- RSS connections by Addtoany were implemented to RSS page

(2) improvements
- design of front page was simplified
- little update of Metadatas
- attempt of login will return erorr message if user's internet browser has cookies disabled or accidentaly deleted

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