Thursday, September 17, 2009

update 2009 #13

Data, new pols
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System , new functionality
- help page, to shortly guide users through the site
- users directory, to access users and their profiles
- improved routines for detection of spam or other inappropriate activity
- started to publish information about users and IP address which were banned or blacklisted for exceeding limits of rational activity

We are not alone on the way of new thinking

National politics is discredited. The wrong people are in power. The whole system is broken. But through technology we can all fight back. Andreas Whittam Smith, The revolution by text.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

update 2009 #12

Our sorry for longer delay in the blog updates. I was busy for the site development and optimization. Following is the improvement from the last 3 months:

- Further optimization of SQL queries (every single query was reviewed)
- Further optimization of database structure
- Further on-page SEO optimization
- Started working on off-page SEO optimization
- Created Twitter support, posting news to few Twitter accounts
- ElectionsMeter sitemap survey of polls
- Support User to user communication
- User profiles were extended for user’s Facebook, Twitter account, blog url and short info about the user’s mission
- Display of user notice boards
- Spread Nofollow attribute on links where desired
- Users can now vote on users opinions
- Users can include own links in polls and vote about the links. User’s links display snapshot of the linked site.
- Some javascript and ajax was used to make polls more user friendly and interactive
- User’s are now fully supported to edit and delete their own entries
- Launched users statistics to decently display users activity
- Other statistics support for last 10 entries on the site and top 10 entries on the site
- Added automatic control of users trying abuse site voting limits
- Improved automatic control detecting external programmed scripts and voting robots
- Embedded PHPBB forum was updated and SEO optimized
- Social linking service was extended and optimized to better reflect country specific linking sites
- Added functionality to invite friends, to send an email with the particular poll data.
- Polls display little more information in their analytics section. Newly every poll indicates user name (or IP address if not logged in) of the last voter voting in the poll.
- and many more updates ..