Tuesday, September 8, 2009

update 2009 #12

Our sorry for longer delay in the blog updates. I was busy for the site development and optimization. Following is the improvement from the last 3 months:

- Further optimization of SQL queries (every single query was reviewed)
- Further optimization of database structure
- Further on-page SEO optimization
- Started working on off-page SEO optimization
- Created Twitter support, posting news to few Twitter accounts
- ElectionsMeter sitemap survey of polls
- Support User to user communication
- User profiles were extended for user’s Facebook, Twitter account, blog url and short info about the user’s mission
- Display of user notice boards
- Spread Nofollow attribute on links where desired
- Users can now vote on users opinions
- Users can include own links in polls and vote about the links. User’s links display snapshot of the linked site.
- Some javascript and ajax was used to make polls more user friendly and interactive
- User’s are now fully supported to edit and delete their own entries
- Launched users statistics to decently display users activity
- Other statistics support for last 10 entries on the site and top 10 entries on the site
- Added automatic control of users trying abuse site voting limits
- Improved automatic control detecting external programmed scripts and voting robots
- Embedded PHPBB forum was updated and SEO optimized
- Social linking service was extended and optimized to better reflect country specific linking sites
- Added functionality to invite friends, to send an email with the particular poll data.
- Polls display little more information in their analytics section. Newly every poll indicates user name (or IP address if not logged in) of the last voter voting in the poll.
- and many more updates ..

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