Sunday, October 9, 2011

Captcha testing and voting restrictions

Sometimes we are faced with deliberate attempts (bad or irrational) to influence voting results. Such attempts may discredit the outcome, rationality of poll’s results or our own efforts to create the democratic voting platform and true representative survey of public opinion. We then must protect all polls against external attempts of abuse. We protect all polls equally without exceptions. Democratic, equal and balanced system is at our mission.

The ElectionsMeter project is non-governmental, independent, non-profit and non-commercial project with ambitions to be a long-term and affordable alternative survey of public opinion in politics. We do our best (through an unusual number of complications) to implement the project independently, impartially, responsibly and seriously.

Some polls has relatively small quantity of voters but high and growing popularity. In such a situation ElectionsMeter system must recognize and decide whether it is by result of bad attempt or by natural will of voters. System always applies our own general mathematic-statistic formula to decide it, in every minute, at every vote.

Some polls in certain situations are protected by Captcha test. In extreme situation some polls get protected by temporal voting restriction.

If you are bothered by Captcha testing, please sign-in. Later then you are advised to upgrade your account to Comfort rights.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Introduction of ElectionsMetr in the Czech rep.

We have decided to test ElectionsMetr system, principles, politicians and public acceptance first in the Czech republic. It is small country, good enough for initial introduction of the project and very close to our hearts.

According to the plan we are about to visit Czech politicians and personally introduce them ElectionsMeter project, mission, background and the ways it might be useful to them and to the public. The introduction is supported and documented by Czech written blog. Later then in few weeks German speaking countries should follow.

Friday, April 22, 2011

ElectionsMeter goes for new hosting

Today ElectionsMeter was migrated to a new server. Much faster, safer and reliable. It is significant step ahead. We have just met one of important milestones of the project. Stay tuned. Some other improvements will come soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

update 2011 #14

ElectionsMeter is getting better and better. Last year we spent in our small team in silence but hard working on serious performance and security improvements of the site. New features and particular redesign was also on our target.

Site features become better then anytime before. Feel free to come to vote, express your opinion, add content (your comments, pictures, videos, link websites), express your support, join friends, compare voting profiles, see advanced voting statistics, compare politicians, promote politicians, join politicians in marketing support etc. We continue in site development. Further features are about to come. Join us. Support us.